About Walnut Hill Bible Church

We are a non-affiliated, Bible-believing church that exists to:

  • Celebrate God through worship
  • Cultivate personal growth in Christ
  • Care for one another in Christ
  • Communicate Christ to our world

“The story of Walnut Hill Bible Church of Baraboo is a story of endurance and survival. It’s about a little church that has weathered many storms and, by God’s grace, continues its adventurous voyage. It’s a story that reaches back to March of 1845, in the days of the American settlement of the West, and it’s a story that presses onward into the many unknowns of the 21 st century.

The Lord has been so good and so gracious. After 175 years, our founding mission has survived. Forty-six pastors later and our mission has survived. Two denominational associations later and our mission has survived. Our gospel orientation has been preserved. Our dedication to biblical authority has never wavered. Our commitment to the atoning work of Jesus Christ is still our cornerstone. Our obedience before our risen Lord has steadied our mark. And our missionary zeal continues on. It’s a precious and rare thing for any Christian institution to look back nearly 200 years and see such continuity of vision and purpose.”

Excerpt from “The Story of Walnut Hill Bible Church, Baraboo, Wisconsin  1847 – 2022”

Go Deeper – Letter from Pastor Dan