What to Expect at WHBC

I have often found that experience and expectations are two very different things. It is our hope that upon visiting Walnut Hill – you will experience the presence of God in Christ as the Holy Spirit lives through those you meet in this place. That is our hope; expect to meet people who are striving towards this ideal.

When you are welcomed to Walnut Hill you can expect to meet a church family that is made up of many people from many differing walks of life: different ages, different family situations, different ethnic heritages, different income levels, different schools, different occupations, different preferences in clothing, music, literature, team loyalties and so on.

Expect to meet people who in spite of our differences strive to love one another deeply as a testimony to the one Spirit that binds our hearts together in love. Yes, we do fall short of the ideals we espouse. Our church is not a Comfort Lodge for saints; we see it as a hospital and rehabilitation center for sinners. We value all that leads to a life in Christ and we battle against all that leads to corruption and death without Him. In this sense, we are all residents and we are all staff.

Expect to find a church that strives to love the Word of God. Expect our worship to be saturated with it and opportunities to study it. Expect us to strive to live in accordance with its teachings; to look to it as a lamp for our feet and a light for our way.

I’ve always appreciated the analogy of churches to restaurants. Both serve food: one spiritual and one physical. Churches, as do restaurants, flavor the food they serve to appeal to the tastes of those who patronize the establishment. All restaurants don’t appeal to everybody and neither do all churches. It is however critical for both establishments to keep their kitchens clean, so as not to serve up poisonous fare. It is also important to place before those who seek nourishment well balanced meals. For restaurants the various and balanced food groups, and for churches the whole and balanced counsel of God.

At Walnut Hill, expect to find a church that strives to “keep its kitchens clean” so that the spiritual food prepared and served from the pulpit, in song, in classes and other various ministries is spiritually healthy and nutritious to promote steady growth in Christ.

– Pastor Dave