Building Faith at Home

IIn the past, faith was a central part of the family’s home life, passed on from generation to generation. Now, the reality for many families is that the church is seen as the vehicle by which children should get all of their knowledge about faith. What does this mean when research has shown that in “churched” kids’ lives, the biggest influences in how a child thinks and what a child believes is the parents? In fact, parents are two to three times more influential than any church program. I believe it means that the church must come along side of parents so that parents can understand the importance, and enjoy the privilege, of engaging their children in their faith journey. And we have a plan on how to do just that.

We have an emphasis here at Walnut Hill called “Building Faith at Home.” Through this, we support parents in sharing their own personal faith with their children as well as encouraging parents to cultivate growth in their child’s faith. Parents of each age group – 2 years old through 4th grade – are invited to attend one special Sunday School class with their child each year called a “Take it Home Event.” By participating in a fun and interactive activity with their children, parents work on a specific skill that will help them instill habits, encouraging spiritual growth in the family. Then at the end of each gathering, the parents get a resource that will help them implement this skill at home.


The following are the topics that are presented for each age group:

AgeSkill2014-2015 Dates
of child
Understanding God’s vision for the family
(A book, not a class)
2 yearsBlessing your ChildJan. 25th
3 YearsFamily DevotionsOct. 26th
4 YearsImportance of being in an active church familyApr. 19th
KindergartenPrayerFeb. 8th
1st GradeWorshipMar. 8th
2nd GradeStudying the BibleNov. 16th
3rd GradeServiceFeb. 22nd
4th GradeManaging money God’s wayJan. 11th
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