“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…”

Walnut Hill Bible Church has a heart for missions … since the 1940’s missionaries have been supported both in prayer and financially by the members of this church.  It is the desire of WHBC to continue upholding these faithful servants of the Lord as they seek to spread the Gospel to a needy world.

WHBC Missions Info[hide]

Missionaries supported by WHBC

We have several missionaries located in areas of the world where the Christian faith is not allowed to be shared or practiced.  For their protection we do not publish the identity of the missionaries or the location where they are working.  However, you can help support these valiant servants with your prayers.  If you would like further information about these missionaries, contact the church office.

  • AWANA – Tim & Sherry Thomas
  • Altlink – Andy &Brittney G
  • Baptist Mid Missions – Arlene Updyke (Retired)
  • CB International – Zita Pezzota (Retired)
  • Christian Light Ministries – Eliezer & Morelia Gonzales
  • CRU – Zak & Becky Alwin
  • East African Missions – Ken & Paula G
  • Ethnos 360 – Pete & Liesl H
  • Expeditions Unlimited – Joshua & Johanna Wilkosz
  • Expeditions Unlimited – Steve & Linn Higgin
  • Expeditions Unlimited – Kelly & Sarah Bryant
  • Expeditions Unlimited – Zach & Kyrsten Campbell
  • Fort Wilderness – Michael & Denise Lane
  • Inner City Impact – Keith & Debbie Rundquist
  • Intervarsity Christian Fellowship – Terrell & Mary Smith
  • MAF – Jonathan & Nicole de Jongh
  • Mission Impact – Jeff & Terri Sprecher
  • Oak Forest Center – Mark & Lou Rieland
  • Pioneer Bible Translators – Kyle &Katie VR
  • Pioneer Bible Translators – Carla Unseth
  • Prayercast – Chris & Emily Ruge
  • SonSet Solutions – Tim & Beth Mason
  • TEAM Mission – Doug & Laura Snyder
  • TEAM Zimbabwe – David & Sue Rousseau
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Mission Board

Mission Board members shall be individuals who are marked by mature judgment and unquestioned Christian character, loyalty to the Word of God, and devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ and the advancement of His Kingdom.

The duties of the Mission Board shall be to:

  • Maintain constant contact with each of our missionaries and consistently relay their work plans and prayer needs to the church.
  • Encourage appropriate congregational participation with and prayer on behalf of each of our missionaries.
  • Secure names of missionary candidates in order to contact, screen, and arrange for approved candidates to speak at our church.  A recommendation to undertake a delineated level of financial support of and sustained prayer for these approved candidates shall then be submitted to the Church membership for a vote.
  • Recommend to the Church membership for a vote a reallocation of funds upon the resignation of a currently supported missionary.
  • Plan and coordinate the Annual Missions Emphasis.
  • Oversee the provision of accommodations and meals for all visiting missionaries.
  • Develop an interest in missions within all age groups but especially among our youth by encouraging them to learn more about missions and their career possibilities through Sunday School, youth meetings, and short-term mission projects.
  • Maintain a current missions policy and ensure its implementation.

Current Board Members:

  • Sandy Kessenich – Deaconate
  • Easton Dreher
  • Emily Dreher
  • Ann Dyer
  • Barb Graupman
  • Jean Muehlfelt
  • Cheryl Norman
  • Debby Penzkover
  • Emma Folts – Youth Representative
  • Rich Hoege – Elder
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